TERA Tools

TERA Tools is a resource for the risk assessment community that provides information on default values, dosimetric adjustmet and benchmark dose modeling.


This page on our website is meant to be a resource for the risk assessment community. If you have any comments about this page or know of a resource that would be useful to the risk assessment community, please contact Dr. Michael Dourson at dourson@tera.org.


bullet Rat and Mouse Default Values for Body Weight, Food and Water Consumption

bullet Inhalation Related Dosimetric Adjustment

    - Conversion from ppm to mg/m3

    - Calculation of duration-adjusted exposure levels in mg/m3 for experimental animals

    - Calculation of human equivalent concentration

    - Respiratory Tract Regions

    - Calculation of MMAD

    - Calculation of Sigma g


bullet Benchmark Dose Modeling