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Independent Peer Review 
Reference Dose Document on Resorcinol 

What:     Resorcinol Peer Review
When:   November 17-18, 2004
Where:   Hilton Harrisburg & Towers, Harrisburg , Pennsylvania  

An independent panel of expert scientists met in Harrisburg, PA, to provide a follow-up review of the revisions submitted by the March 2003 panel and addition of new data to the risk assessment on the development of a reference dose (RfD) for resorcinol. The first peer review of this assessment was held in Cincinnati, OH in March 2003. AMEC Earth and Environmental, Inc. wrote and revised the assessment for the sponsor, Beazer East, Inc.  Beazer East, Inc. was formerly known as Koppers Company, Inc. prior to 1988. Koppers Company Inc. owned and operated a facility that manufactured resorcinol.   

This review meeting followed the standard TERA process, beginning with a close examination of the supporting documentation and important references by the panel prior to the meeting. At the meeting, the authors of the assessment briefly presented their work. The panel then systematically discussed the revisions made from the last peer review and new data that has been incorporated into the document. 

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1,3-Dihydroxybenzene (Resorcinol) 


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