Selected TERA Publications and Presentations on Expert Peer Involvement


Peer Reviewed Publications


Haber, L.T. and J. Patterson.  2005.  Report of an independent peer review of an acrylonitrile risk assessment.  Human & Exp. Tox. 24(10): 487-527.


Williams, P., D. Briggs, and J. Patterson.  2006.  VCCEP Pilot:  Progress on Evaluating Children’s Risks and Data Needs.  Risk Anal.  26(3): 781-802.


Meek, M.E., J. Patterson, J. Strawson, and R. Liteplo.  2007.  Engaging Expert Peers in the Development of Risk Assessments.  Risk Anal.  27(6):1609-1621.  The definitive version is available at An errata to the original published article is available here




Overview of TERA’s Independent Peer Review Program.  Presentation to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Cleanup Standards Scientific Advisory Board regarding TERA peer review of Resorcinol RfD.


Using Expert Peer Involvement in Risk Assessment. J. Patterson and J. Strawson, presentation at the Society for Risk Analysis, Annual Meeting, December 6, 2006.


Independent Expert Peer Review. J. Patterson. Presented to the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules, State of Wisconsin, August 21, 2006.


Peer Review and Peer Consultation – Aren't they the same thing? J. Patterson, A. Parker, D. Briggs.  Poster presented at the Society for Risk Analysis, Annual Meeting, December 5, 2005.


Managing Conflict of Interest and Bias Issues for Peer Review and Peer Consultation Panels. D.W, Briggs, J. Patterson and P.M. Nance.  Slides of presentation by Daniel Briggs at the Society for Risk Analysis, Annual Meeting, December 2003.


Evaluation of Childhood Exposures to Industrial Chemicals Through VCCEP. Presentation by Pamela Williams at the Society of Toxicology, Annual Meeting, March 2005.


Public Comments


Comments on Implementation of the Pilot Voluntary Children's Chemical Evaluation Program (VCCEP).  Submitted by Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA), January 19, 2007.