ITER Peer Review on Methyl Mercury

What:   Methyl Mercury ITER Peer Review
When:   January 12, 1998 (1st review) / February 26, 1998 (2nd review)
Where:  Cincinnati, Ohio

A panel of risk assessment experts reviewed a site-specific reference dose (RfD) for methylmercury for fish-eating populations on January 12, 1998 . At that meeting the panel raised a number of issues and concerns which it asked the authors (ICF Kaiser International) to address in a revised document. This same panel of reviewers discussed this revised document in a conference call on February 26, 1998 . This conference call was organized by Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA); a non-profit organization dedicated to the best use of toxicity data in risk assessment. Expert peer reviewers donated their time and talents to provide an independent review of the assessment. For a complex assessment such as this, each reviewer brought to the review his or her particular expertise, which when combined, provided a comprehensive overall review of the assessment document.

1st Review Meeting Summary Report Jan.1998 (.pdf)

2nd Review Meeting Summary Report Feb. 1998 (.pdf)

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