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Complex Exposure Tool (ComET) Meeting

Health Canada Hosts Meeting to Invite Submission of Information for the Complex Exposure Tool (ComET)

Health Canada hosted a meeting on November 8, 2004 to describe the new complex exposure model, ComET, and invited interested parties to submit comments and data.  Health Canada scientists and the model developers from The LifeLine Group described the ComET model, how it is being built, what data it contains, what it is capable of, and how interested stakeholders can submit relevant information that could improve the information platform that will be used in ComET.  The meeting was not a peer review of the tool or its application by Health Canada , and was not intended to discuss the individual chemicals and data used for those chemicals, but rather provided participants the opportunity to examine the structure and some of the assumptions that are being used.  50 people attended the meeting in person, and approximately 50 others participated via webcast and teleconference. 

Information and Documentation

  • ComET Model and Documentation
  • Nov. 8 , 2004 Meeting Presentation Slides
  • Responses to Post Meeting Questions
  • Recorded web cast of Nov. 8, 2004 meeting (Instructions for web cast , Brief (1-page) or Full (9-page)).  While viewing the web cast, you can move to any particular slide of the presentation and the video and audio will start from that point.  To do so, select “slide list” from the upper right, choose a page number and then select the slide and choose “play from slide.”  There is about 20 minutes of taped presentation prior to the start of the meeting.  The meeting begins on page 4 (scroll down half way through the slides on page 4 to find the first slide). More information about Media Play Live features is available in the users’ guide and from the Help button in the upper right of the screen.
    Morning Session 
    Afternoon Session

As part of Health Canada’s responsibility for Categorization of the Domestic Substances List (DSL) under CEPA 1999, the Minister of Health is identifying substances for subsequent screening assessment based on their potential of exposure to the general population in Canada.  A Complex Exposure Tool (ComET), which will be made publicly available, has been developed to contribute to priority setting and subsequent screening assessment to meet this mandate.  The Existing Substances Division of Health Canada is hosting a meeting on November 8, 2004 to demonstrate the operational architecture of ComET and the underlying information on which it is based.  At this meeting, contribution by interested parties of information or logic is being requested.  The meeting also provides an opportunity for all parties to offer suggestions for quality assurance or other important elements in the development and application of ComET. The meeting is being facilitated for Health Canada by the LifeLine Group with the services of Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA).

Purpose of Meeting

1.  To introduce ComET and its underlying information platform to the public and stakeholders

2.  To invite from the public and stakeholders submission of relevant information that could improve the information platform that will be used in ComET 


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