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Steering Committee Conference Call Minutes

July 10, 2007

2:00 EST


I.      Introductions

Steering Committee members present: Barbara Harper, Bette Meek, Brian Howard, Michael Dourson, Phil Wexler, Ruthann Rudel

Alternates present: Santhini Ramasamy for Ed Ohanian, Roberta Grant for Michael Honeycutt

Others: Andy Maier, Oliver Kroner, Chuck Tomljanovic, Drew Rak

II.      Review of Meeting Notes

No changes suggested.  Approved minutes were posted to ARA website.

III.      Reports

1.      ARA, ITER, and RiskIE, were presented to the Multi-State Working Group and the Environmental Council of the States in June.

2.      A message board has been added to the ARA website.  This will be used to collect database suggestions for inclusion on RiskIE.

3.      Mission Revisions

        New text was approved as an interim final draft.  It is currently posted on the website.

IV.      Old Business

1.      COI policy update

        A new COI policy draft was prepared and presented to committee.  Members were asked to review and send strike and replace, and/or comments within two weeks.

2.      RDX Relative Source Contribution

        Communication between Department of Defense and Office of Water was confirmed, and no evidence of a previous RSC was identified.  Therefore, approval conditions were met and this project is moving forward.

3.      Nominations

        It was agreed that an additional Steering Committee member with Academic and/or Industrial affiliations would improve multi-stakeholder representation and expand the information pools covered by the committee.  Members were asked to submit nominations.

V.      New Business

1.      RiskIE data sources

        RiskIE beta was presented to committee members.  Committee was asked for suggestions of any additional databases to potentially be included.  

2.      TCE Risk Management Range for States  

        Desire for a facilitated discussion of range of risk values used by different states has been expressed by multiple parties.   Would ARA be an appropriate venue for this discussion? State of Indiana and DoD are currently working on this issue.  Brian Howard will report progress at next meeting.

3.      TCEQ: 1,3-Butadiene Peer Review  

        1,3-Butadiene project description was provided by the ARA staff and Roberta Grant of the State of Texas.

        Project was approved by a majority vote.

4.      Project funding is available through TERAs StateHELP program Steering Committee members we asked to consider nominating projects or providing contact names.  TERA plans to send an announcement to the ARA contact list.


VI.      Next Meeting Agenda

1.      The next ARA Steering Committee Conference Call will be scheduled via email.