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Steering Committee Conference Call Minutes

May 16, 2007

1:00 EST

I.      Introductions

Steering Committee members present: Barbara Harper, Bette Meek, Phil Wexler, Michael Dourson, Mike Honeycutt, Ruthann Rudel

Alternates present: Santhini Ramasamy for Ed Ohanian, Michael Habeck for Bill Hayes

Others: Andy Maier, Oliver Kroner

II.      Review of Meeting Notes

No changes suggested.  Approved minutes were posted to ARA website.

III.      Reports

1.      ARA, ITER, and RiskIE, were presented at the Toxicology and Risk Assessment Conference in April.

2.      ARA website recorded a new record of visitors in April, monthly web stats were provided.

3.      Mission Revisions

·        To discourage the misuse of the ARA process, a mission statement amendment was proposed.  The language of this amendment will be revisited next meeting.

·        Committee questioned if ARA will withdraw its risk value if a value is published by another organization

IV.      Old Business

1.      COI policy update

·        An outline of a comprehensive COI policy was prepared and presented to committee.  Members were asked to review and suggest revisions.

2.      Legal protection for Steering Committee members

·        SC members’ protection under Ohio Law was reiterated.  ARA staff will contact legal counsel for further clarification.

V.      New Business

1.      Membership to the steering committee

·        Committee considered the inclusion of members with affiliation to Industry and Academia.  It was agreed that their inclusion would broaden the information pools covered by the committee.  Members were asked to submit nominations.

2.      Design of Steering Committee Web Page

·        Members were asked to submit a short biosketch to be posted on the website.

3.      ARA peer consultation topics

·        ARA has funding to conduct to one or two small peer consultations on risk issues related to children’s health issues.  Funding will expire in August.  Committee members were asked to provide input on potential projects.

4.      Project Clearance (committee members)

·        Development of a Relative Source Contribution for RDX (submitted by the U.S. Army CHPPM)

                                                                    i.            RDX project description provided by the ARA staff.

                                                                  ii.            Committee voted to approve project conditionally, provided that ARA staff will conduct an independent review of ongoing RDX work and that communication between the Department of Defense and the Office of Water has occurred to confirm that there is not already ongoing or recent work in this area.  The vote tally was (5 for, 0 against, and 2 abstaining).    

VI.      Next Meeting Agenda

1.      The next ARA Steering Committee Conference Call is tentatively scheduled for June 19, 2007, 1:00 PM EST.

VII.      Good and Welfare

1.      TERA and NLM close to signing a contract agreement that allows the ARA to accept funds for ARA development via interagency agreements with other Federal Agencies. 

2.      TCEQ and TERA have signed an umbrella contract that specifies peer reviews will be conducted using the ARA process

3.      ARA team has received an invitation to present the ARA concept at the annual meeting of the Multi State Working Group.