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Steering Committee Conference Call

January 29, 2007  2:00PM


I. Introductions

II. Reports

ARA Management team provided a brief review of the ARA goals, functions and processes.  The presentation was given from the Power Point slide show downloadable from the “About ARA” page on the website.

Clarifying questions regarding the scope and goal of the ARA were addressed with reiteration of the intent of the ARA to provide a resource for sharing information and collaboration building as well as a resource for local organizations to address risk assessment needs not being addressed elsewhere.

Funding mechanisms were discussed – with noted funding resources including – work funded directly by sponsors, stakeholder grants to cover ARA costs and provide an account for unfunded project requests, ARA user fees assessed on funded projects, and continuation of TERA’s State Hazard Evaluation Lending Program (State HELP).

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

Discussion of ARA and the role of the steering committee (all)

1.      Evaluate appropriateness of projects within ARA mission.  The Committee suggested that the mission of ARA should be more clearly stated to aid in providing advice.

2.      Prioritize incoming projects.   It was noted that providing some criteria would help in this area as well.  For example, guidance on the weight given to the existence of alternative risk assessments was noted as an area needing clarification.  Members indicated that their respective knowledge of the field and networks would provide a basis for providing useful feedback to the ARA managers on overall needs of the risk assessment community.

3.      Identify Conflicts of Interest.  It was noted the Science Advisory Board has a strong COI process that could be used to help the ARA management in formulating a process identifying COI issues with incoming project requests.

4.      Other roles of the Steering Committee for later consideration included providing advice on risk assessment needs and data gaps, and providing advice on mechanisms for securing resources for the ARA

Membership to the steering committee (all)

Design of Steering Committee Web Page and attributable information (all)

Project Clearance

V. Next Meeting Agenda (all)

not discussed

VI. Good and Welfare (all)  

not discussed