The Alliance for Risk Assessment is dedicated to collaboration.  We see improved communication, resource sharing, and efficiency when groups work together.  ARA would like to salute other groups collaborating to protect public health.    


Environmental Council of the States

The Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) is the national non-profit, non-partisan association of state and territorial environmental agency leaders. The purpose of ECOS is to improve the capability of state environmental agencies and their leaders to protect and improve human health and the environment of the United States of America.

Association of State & Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO)

ASTSWMO's Mission: To enhance and promote effective State and Territorial programs for waste and materials management, to encourage environmentally sustainable practices and to affect relevant national waste and materials management policies.

Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council

ITRC is a state-led coalition working together with industry and stakeholders to achieve regulatory acceptance of environmental technologies. ITRC consists of 50 states, the District of Columbia, multiple federal partners, industry participants, and other stakeholders, cooperating to break down barriers and reduce compliance costs, making it easier to use new technologies, and helping states maximize resources. ITRC brings together a diverse mix of environmental experts and stakeholders from both the public and private sectors to broaden and deepen technical knowledge and streamline the regulation of new environmental technologies.



Multi-State Working Group

MSWG is a network that works with partners to improve environmental performance, economic sustainability, social responsibility and quality of life.  Our network includes all sectors of society.  We serve local, state, regional, national and international communities.  We produce knowledge and actions that contribute to ecosystems that support economic sustainability, social responsibility and quality of life.  We believe that collaboration, innovation and networking can tap society's potential for performance excellence and support that philosophy in mainstream law and policy.



Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association

NEWMOA is an interstate association that has a membership composed of the hazardous waste, solid waste, waste site cleanup and pollution prevention programs in the northeast states. NEWMOA's mission is to develop and sustain an effective partnership of states to explore, develop, promote, and implement environmentally sound solutions for the reduction and management of materials and waste, and for the remediation of contaminated sites, in order to achieve a clean and healthy environment.




RETOXLAC is a discussion list sponsored by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) and the Pan American Center for Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences (CEPIS/PAHO).  It is a regional and international forum to debate and disseminate information on toxicology in spanish, portuguese and english. This forum is opened to all toxicologists and professionals interested in the subject.



The Association for Environmental Health and Sciences

The Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS) was created to facilitate communication and foster cooperation among professionals concerned with the challenge of soil protection and cleanup.  Experience over the past decades has revealed the need for a consistent and reliable network for the exchange of information derived from multiple sources and disciplines among people who, because of different disciplinary affiliations and interests, may not have easy access to significant portions of the information map.

World Library of Toxicology

The World Library of Toxicology, Chemical Safety, and Environmental Health is a free global Web portal that provides the scientific community and public with links to major government agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, professional societies, and other groups addressing issues related to toxicology, public health, and environmental health. It seeks to overcome barriers to the sharing of information between countries by creating a partnership of national and international organizations contributing high-quality scientific information resources in toxicology and environmental health to a borderless data depository. The overall goal is to improve global public health.