Peer Workshop on Toxicological Assessment and Development of RfDs for Acetanilide Degradates

What:    Peer Workshop on Toxicological Assessment and Development of RfDs for Acetanilide Degradates


When:   May 11-12, 2009


Where:  Northern Kentucky University Metropolitan Education and Training Services (METS), Erlanger, Kentucky (close to the Cincinnati Airport)


The Alliance for Risk Assessment (ARA), in conjunction with Monsanto and DowAgroSciences, convened a 2-day  independent expert peer workshop to develop Reference Doses (RfDs) for the degradates: alachlor t-ESA, alachlor t-OXA, acetochlor  t-ESA, and acetochlor  t-OXA.  TERA provided support for the dose response assessment of acetanilide degradates and developed a panel of 6 expert scientists with experience in the review of toxicology studies, the development of Reference Dose (RfD), and the chemistries of these degradates.  TERA reviewed the toxicological data of the degradates as well as the parent compounds and compile studies that could potentially serve as critical studies in support of the RfD development. Comprehensive tables and supporting materials were compiled to form the basis for the 2-day workshop. 


The panel of independent experts judged the determination of the critical effect of each acetanilide degradate, the appropriate NOAEL/LOAELs/BMDs, and recommended uncertainty factors.  Results of the workshop are a short (approximately 10 to 20 page) document that provides a summary of the final RfDs along with a brief rationale for their selection by the panel.


This meeting was open to the public to observe and technical comments were invited. This meeting was available via WebCast.


General Meeting Information and Documentation


Derived Reference Doses (RfDs) for the Environmental Degradates of the Herbicides Alachlor and Acetochlor:  Results of an Independent Expert Panel Deliberation - submitted for publication to Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.


Meeting Outcomes

     - Meeting Report (PDF)

     - Post Meeting Correspondences - Panel (PDF)


Meeting Registration

Meeting Materials

     - Meeting Agenda (PDF)

     - Data Package (PDF)

     - Additional material reviewed during meeting (PDF)

     - Meeting Handouts (PDF)

Draft assessment information was provided to registered observers before the meeting. 
For more information, contact Dr. Barnard Gadagbui ( or 513-542-7475 ext. 27).